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Monday, July 14, 2014

Computing Now: The Web at 25

The World Wide Web is now only 25 years old.  It seems much longer.  IEEE Computing Now discusses the birthday, and the future of the Web. It will be here for some time, but what will it look like, connect and deliver?

 " ... In a mere 25 years, the Web has irrevocably transformed the world. It has become indispensable, impacting nearly every aspect of human activities in practically all fields. It continues to leap ahead offering new capabilities and extending its reach and utility. The Web has indeed become the most influential technology of our times, although it hasn't reached its zenith and we've yet to recognize and embrace its full potential.

This issue of Computing Now commemorates the Web's 25th anniversary by highlighting its genesis, progress, and potential. We invite you to comment below and share your thoughts on how the Web will be in the next quarter century .... "  

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