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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apple's Swift Language

In Wired: Have heard of it, but never even looked at the code. Will it remake computer programming?  I like new ways of thinking about the process of logical control.  Now available to some outside Apple.

' ... Chris Lattner spent a year and a half creating a new programming language—a new way of designing, building, and running computer software—and he didn’t mention it to anyone, not even his closest friends and colleagues.

He started in the summer of 2010, working at night and on weekends, and by the end of the following year, he’d mapped out the basics of the new language. That’s when he revealed his secret to the top executives at his company, and they were impressed enough to put a few other seasoned engineers on the project. Then, after another eighteen months, it became a “major focus” for the company, with a huge team of developers working alongside Lattner, and that meant the new language would soon change the world of computing. Lattner, you see, works for Apple. .... '

ZDNet article on the changes.  Apparently you can get access to it with a free registration.

Apple's Informative Swift Blog.

And in the WP: Swift the Programming Language.

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