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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Automating Space Weather Prediction

 Ultimately a very important function,  Coronal Mass Ejection is dangerous to many technical functions on earth.  Neural methods for pattern analysis for coronal holes.

AI Spots Coronal Holes to Automate Space Weather Prediction

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia), June 7, 2021

An international team of scientists brought automated space weather prediction a step closer to reality via a neural network that can identify coronal holes—gaps in the solar atmosphere left by particles that cause geomagnetic storms on Earth—in space-based observations. Robert Jarolim at Austria's University of Graz said CHRONNOS (Coronal Hole RecOgnition Neural Network Over multi-Spectral-data) applies artificial intelligence to spot coronal holes "based on their intensity, shape, and magnetic field properties, which are the same criteria as a human observer takes into account." The team trained the convolutional neural network on about 1,700 extreme ultraviolet wavelength images of the sun's corona recorded in 2010-2017, and compared its results to 261 manually identified coronal holes. CHRONNOS matched human performance in 98% of the cases, and outperformed humans in identifying coronal holes from magnetic field maps. ...  ' 

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