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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Synthetic Biology

Touched on Synthetic Biology way back, though it never was used directly in the enterprise.  Apparently reemerging.  A revisit to something that is apparently reemerging.  Beyond Biomimicry.

Biodesign and Synthetic Biology

What Is Biodesign?

By Daniel Grushkin  in Issues.org

In 2009 Nature Biotechnology asked a group of synthetic biologists to define “synthetic biology.” None of the scientists could agree on a definition. Yet today the synthetic biology market—a field evidently without a widely accepted understanding of itself—is worth $9.5 billion. When Nature Biotechnology posed its question I was a reporter covering the emerging discipline. I soon realized that definitions are less important than the groups of people who gather around and advance a particular set of ideas.

So what, then, is “biodesign”? Today I would say it’s a big tent where everyone who self-identifies as a biodesigner can hang out. Of course before I founded the Biodesign Challenge in 2015, I probably would have said that it’s a design practice that incorporates biotechnology, or one that uses design to critique the biotech industry. Both of these definitions are accurate, but today I see the unbounded potential of the community of people as much as the possibilities within the ideas themselves.  .... ' 

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