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Friday, June 11, 2021

Towards Secure Cloud Computing

Don't know this method, provably it says, reviewing later.  Much more technical at the link.

SeKVM Makes Cloud Computing Provably Secure

IEEE Spectrum,Charles Q. Choi, June 7, 2021

Columbia University researchers say they have designed the first hypervisor that can ensure secure cloud computing. SeKVM is a secure version of the popular KVM open source hypervisor that cuts the verification workload through what the researchers call microverification. Microverification reduces a hypervisor to a small core and an array of untrusted services, then demonstrates security by verifying the core exclusively; the core lacks exploitable vulnerabilities, and mediates the hypervisor's interactions with virtual machines (VMs) so one compromised VM cannot impact others. The researchers developed microverification-based MicroV software to authenticate large commercial-grade multi-processor hypervisors. Columbia's Ronghui Gu said, "SeKVM will lay a foundation for future innovations in systems verification and lead to a new generation of cyber-resilient systems software." ... 

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