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Thursday, June 10, 2021

EU Deciding to Widen the Idea of a Vaccination Wallet

 The EU has decided to widen the notion of a smartphone enabled 'passport' for vaccines to a more general wallet that would hold other kinds of ID credentials. Like drivers licenses, access permissions, diplomas and drug prescriptions.  Would be available to all, but not required.   Could be a very convenient thing, but have privacy implications.  

EU Plans Digital ID Wallet for Post-Pandemic Life  By Associated Press

The European Union (EU) on Thursday announced plans for a post-pandemic smartphone application to enable EU residents to access services across the bloc.

Europeans would be able to store digital credentials such as driver's licenses, prescriptions, and school diplomas through the European Digital Identity Wallet, and access online and offline public/private services while keeping personal data secure.

The European Commission (EC) said the e-wallet would be available to all EU residents, although its use is not mandatory.

Dominant online platforms, however, would have to accept the wallet, in line with the EC's agenda to regulate big technology companies and their control over personal information.

From Associated Press

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