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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Machine Learning Giving Smarter Driving Advice

 Interesting how this is guided assistance, based on multiple goals.   Makes me recall using process maps to also drive goals.

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Using ML to Build Maps That Give Smarter Driving Advice

By MIT Technology Review. June 29, 2021

Scientists at Qatar's Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) applied machine learning (ML) to develop QARTA, a new automatic mapping service that can enhance traffic management with greater intelligence. HBKU's Rade Stanojevic and colleagues collaborated with the taxi firm Karwa to collect full global positioning system data on its fleet's comings and goings, so QARTA can advise routes for drivers at Karwa and other operators.

Stanojevic said QARTA's deeper understanding of actual road and traffic conditions in the city of Doha helps drivers shorten trips, translating into 5% to 10% greater fleet-wide efficiency.Stanojevic speculates that ML-based routing advice could factor into holistic views of cities, and help fleets slash carbon emissions by avoiding traffic jams.

From MIT Technology Review

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