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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

DeepMind Learns Football from Motion Capture

Intriguing, with the implication that you can go from direct motion capture to broader contexts.   Team work, which implies both individual skills, planning and team strategy.   Consider it being used for corporate resource use and allocation. 

DeepMind AI Taught Digital People to Play Football from Scratch,  By New Scientist

An artificial intelligence (AI)-trained computer learned to play football from scratch, using digital players.

Researchers at Alphabet's U.K.-based AI subsidiary DeepMind used motion-capture data from real players to teach the digital footballers to get up and run.

They became more skilled in specific training tasks, like dribbling a ball to follow a target, or kicking a ball to a target, via reinforcement learning.

The digital players engaged in a series of 45-second matches, and after 24 hours became quite adept; after a further training period of up to 10 days, they were able to consider future actions and work as a team.

Sebastian Risi at Denmark's IT University Copenhagen said although the system lacks full automation, it is "an exciting open challenge how we can learn complex tasks such as football end-to-end through more open-ended approaches that would discover the necessary stepping stones by themselves."

From New Scientist 

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