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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Blinkist for Speeding up Content Acquisition

This brought to mind some work I was involved with at the University of Pennsylvania's Language Laboratory.   We worked with more efficient ways to deliver books and reading material, and one of the experiments was to compress books and make them available for select classes.  Overall a quite simple technique. Then measured the effort/effort/use/value that was achieved.    In general this worked well with some kinds of class content, we touched on neural based techniques   The approach called Blinkist, mentioned below,  is apparently doing some something similar.  I have not tested this, nor has Engadget,  who originally posted the below.  Also I have not received any compensation for posting this.   But am intrigued by the application.  May take a further look.  

Read bestselling books in 15 minutes with Blinkist   in Engadget

Blinkist Premium offers thousands of condensed nonfiction books and podcasts that you can process in just 15 minutes, with 70 new titles added every month.

Every year, we tell ourselves that we need to read more. Perhaps we’ll crack open that book we were gifted months ago. Maybe pick up an Amazon bestseller will finally get us into the habit. And yet, the reading list keeps growing.

Between your professional and personal life, there’s little time for intellectually engaging pursuits. That’s where Blinkist comes in handy. This app contains condensed ideas from thousands of bestselling nonfiction books, so you can stay up to date with your daily reading while you go about your busy schedule. Right now, you can purchase a two-year Blinkist Premium subscription for just $99 — that’s a $285 discount.

Blinkist identifies the main ideas from popular podcasts and nonfiction books and condenses them into digestible, 15-minute text and audio files. You can read or listen to over 4,500 summarized bestsellers ranging in topics from personal development to psychology. This subscription gives you unlimited access to everything in the Blinkist library, including 70 new titles that are added every month.... "  ... ' 

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