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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

IBM Open Sources Hyperledger

 Had examined this sometime ago, seems IBM wants it and blockchain to succeed.  This will promote it it be be better tested. 

IBM Donates Code Improvements to Open Source Hyperledger

“The intent is to improve the usability of Hyperledger for all users,” said Christopher Ferris, CTO at IBM.

By Tanzeel Akhtar in Coindesk

 (NYSE: IBM) said it has contributed significant code to the enterprise blockchain network Hyperledger, “one of the largest in its history.”

IBM announced Wednesday it has donated updates to the Hyperledger code and the underlying code for the IBM Blockchain Platform Console, an intuitive user interface that will form what is now the Fabric Operations Console.

The firm said it is also donating the code that supports token exchanges on Hyperledger Fabric and the Fabric Token SDK, as well as support for interoperability among different distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms.  .... " 

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