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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Emotions to Drive Autonomous Vehicles?

Some interesting things have come out of FAU, we participated.   Here another.  But can human emotions be use to autonomously drive?  Even in part? Test it well.

Invention Uses Machine-Learned Human Emotions to 'Drive' Autonomous Vehicles  By Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)'s Mehrdad Nojoumian has designed and patented new technology for autonomous systems that uses machine-learned human moods to respond to human emotions. Nojoumian's adaptive mood control system employs non-intrusive sensory solutions in semi- or fully autonomous vehicles to read the mood of drivers and passengers.

In-vehicle sensors collect data based on facial expressions and other emotional cues of the vehicle's occupants, then use real-time machine learning mechanisms to identify occupants' moods over time. The vehicle responds to perceived emotions by selecting a suitable driving mode (normal, cautious, or alert).

FAU's Stella Batalama said Nojoumian's system overcomes self-driving vehicles' inability to accurately forecast the behavior of other self-driving and human-driven vehicles.

From Florida Atlantic University

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