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Sunday, June 13, 2021

A World of Holograms and Avatars Next?

Would like to see Avatar Holograms again,  in fact have seen in many forms over the years. Even formally tested it in the large enterprise.   Its got some good specialized applications, but no, not for day to day work and communications.   Still introduces too much noise, which over weighs its wow factor. Good for demos today.    It may come to play some day.

Tech Companies Want to Make Holograms Part of Office Life  By The Wall Street Journal,  June 11, 2021

To reduce Zoom fatigue, some companies want to implement holograms in the workplace.

Proponents of hologram technology say three-dimensional (3D) representations of people on video calls feel more personal and help participants read body language. WorkLife Ventures' Brianne Kimmel said holograms and avatars allow for "a new style of communication, where you'll have better, more frequent interactions."  Gartner's Kanishka Chauhan said holograms may be best for recorded events, trainings, or seminars, citing the complex and time-consuming logistics of live hologram meetings.

WeWork, which has partnered with hologram technology company ARHT Media to bring holograms to 100 WeWork buildings across the globe, expects to use them for recorded or livestreamed videos to virtual, physical, and hybrid audiences.

From The Wall Street Journal

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