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Friday, June 25, 2021

Causal Machine Learning

Another area we experimented with, causal elements in the AI knowledge being used.  Would have liked to experiment with Alice. 

Microsoft Research Podcast

Econ2: Causal machine learning, data interpretability, and online platform markets featuring Hunt Allcott and Greg Lewis

Published June 2, 2021

Episode 122 | June 2, 2021 

In the world of economics, researchers at Microsoft are examining a range of complex systems—from those that impact the technologies we use to those that inform the laws and policies we create—through the lens of a social science that goes beyond the numbers to better understand people and society. 

In this episode, Senior Principal Researcher Dr. Hunt Allcott speaks with Microsoft Research New England office mate and Senior Principal Researcher Dr. Greg Lewis. Together, they cover the connection between causal machine learning and economics research, the motivations of buyers and sellers on e-commerce platforms, and how ad targeting and data practices could evolve to foster a more symbiotic relationship between customers and businesses. They also discuss EconML, a Python package for estimating heterogeneous treatment effects that Lewis has worked on as part of the ALICE (Automated Learning and Intelligence for Causation and Economics) project at Microsoft Research. ... "

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