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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wheelchairs with Smarter Voice Controls

Seems a very natural solution.  Especially for integrating with chair and smartphone and other aids. Incudes data important to data and operator.

Permobil Connects Electric Wheelchair App to Alexa and Google Assistant   By Eric Hal Schwartz

Electric wheelchair manufacturer Permobil has released voice apps connecting Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to its MyPermobil mobile app. Permobil owners can now get access to the current status of their wheelchair with voice commands.


The MyPermobil app collects real-time information about the wheelchair’s battery charge, how far it can travel before running out, and the distance it has already traveled since it was last plugged in. The app also gathers a report on the previous week and month’s use of the power seating feature of Permobil wheelchairs, which adjusts the position of the seat and legs to prevent the person in the wheelchair from being in one position for too long. Now, Permobil owners can now connect the app to Google Assistant or Alexa and ask the voice assistants to pull up all of that information without needing to take out their smartphone. Plenty of wheelchair users are not able to reach or control their smartphones very easily or at all. The option to interact with the app using voice commands is their first opportunity to access crucial information about their wheelchair.  ... "

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