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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

China Claims to Exceed GPT-3 Language

Continued push on more powerful language models.

China outstrips GPT-3 with even more ambitious AI language model

By Anthony Spadafora   in TechRadar,  First Published 2 weeks ago

WuDao 2.0 model was trained using 1.75tn parameters

A Chinese AI institute has unveiled a new natural language processing (NLP) model that is even more sophisticated than those created by both Google and OpenAI.

The WuDao 2.0 model was created by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) and developed with the help of over 100 scientists from multiple organizations. What makes this pre-trained AI model so special is the fact that it uses 1.75tn parameters to simulate conversations, understand pictures, write poems and even create recipes.

Parameters are variables that are defined by machine learning models and as these models evolve, the parameters themselves also improve to allow an algorithm to get better at finding the correct outcome over time. Once a model has been trained on a specific data set like human speech samples, the outcome can then be applied to solving other similar problems.  ... " 

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