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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Towards Automation

 More on business automation. 

How Businesses Are Perfecting With Artificial Intelligence  by 7wData

Have you heard automation is the new black? And what better automation of a process than using a computer software to perform humanlike activities aka Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether we realize it or not, Artificial Intelligence is all around us, playing an active role in our daily lives. The fun part is that many of us fear it just because we don’t know its real power and what wonders we can do with it.

Sure, there are pros and cons of AI, but if we just focus on the pros, we can keep the cons under control. Artificial intelligence can not only make our lives better, it can supercharge our businesses. Automotive, healthcare, finance, travel, and so many other industries can perfect their businesses with it. Here are the three key areas of a business that can be automated with AI.

Artificial intelligence is the king of automating the marketing side of your business. I am gonna say that louder for the businesses that run paid ads as a part of their marketing strategy.

AI sorts your customer contacts however you want, interest-wise, demographics-wise, subscription status wise, etc. You can automate and customize emails for different categories of your customers. There are a number of software solutions for automated email marketing. If your business isn’t using one, you are already behind the game.  .... '

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