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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Creating 'Digital Twins' at Scale

Relates to something I am thinking about now.  Good find.

Creating Precise Computer Simulation Twins at Scale

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Michael Kapteyn and colleagues have designed a model for generating digital twins—precise computer simulations—at scale. The researchers tested the probabilistic graphical model in scenarios involving an unpiloted aerial vehicle (UAV). The model mathematically characterizes a pair of physical and digital dynamic systems connected via two-way data streams as they evolve; the parameters of the UAV's digital twin are initially aligned with data collected from the physical counterpart, to accurately reflect the original at the onset. This ensures the digital twin matches any changes the physical asset undergoes over time, and can anticipate the physical asset's future changes. Kapteyn said this simplifies the production of digital twins for a large number of similar physical assets.  .... '

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