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Friday, June 11, 2021

Autodesk and Digital Twins

 Have been connected with Autodesk when it primarily advanced drafting and visualization capabilities, via a number of tools we used.  See now that they are working with the concept of Digital Twins, launching the Tandem platform.   https://www.autodesk.com/solutions/digital-twin/autodesk-tandem     

 A natural connection, visualization is a form of modeling to better understand something complex.    We even used their drafting programs to support simulation applications.  ...  As you can see Digital Twins.  

Autodesk has been on a tear,  in Venturebeat, expanding its support for digital twins across the building industry. For starters, Autodesk launched Tandem, a digital twin platform that promises to connect the dots between project owners and architectural, engineering, and contracting (AEC) teams. The company hopes these initiatives will make it easier to convert mounds of disorganized data into a comprehensive digital replica of the components, systems, and spaces in a facility.

“We believe an increased demand for digital twins by owners and operators of buildings and infrastructure will create new market opportunities for digital technologies and digitization of the AEC industry,” said Bob Bray, senior director and general manager of Autodesk Tandem.

The company also acquired Innovyze, a water infrastructure modeling and simulation tool leader, for $1 billion. Innovyze software helps over 3,000 water agencies model fundamental components of water infrastructure. Better simulation tools are growing in importance as water agencies grapple with the impact of droughts accelerated by climate change.

“The acquisition accelerates Autodesk’s digital twin strategy and creates a clearer path to a more sustainable and digitized water industry,” Bray said.

The company’s overall direction was further amplified last month when Autodesk acquired Upchain, which makes product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management tools. This partnership could also make it easier to manage digital twins of the products and systems that get integrated into new construction projects.

Notably, this move also allows Autodesk to expand beyond construction into the market for other types of digital twins solutions that is led by PLM giants like Siemens, PTC, and Dassault.  ... '

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