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Saturday, June 26, 2021

AI Contributing to Marketing

 Some of our earliest work touched on this, but its hard.  

How Much Can AI Contribute to Increasing Efficiency for the Marketing Department?  by 7wData

Many businesses — and their marketing teams — are increasingly adopting intelligent technology solutions to boost operational efficiency while enhancing the customer experience (CX). With these platforms, marketers can obtain a more nuanced, comprehensive understanding of their target audiences.

The insights collected through this process can then be employed to drive conversions while lessening the marketing teams' workload.

In a nutshell, artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is meant to imitate human psychology and Intelligence. It is a computer science field focused on creating machines that seem like they possess human intelligence. We call these machines’ intelligence “artificial” because humans create it, and it does not exist naturally.

Machine learning (ML) is a popular subset of AI. ML algorithms are computer-implementable instructions. They take data as input and perform computations to discover patterns within that data and use those patterns to predict the future.

An ML model improves its performance over time as it encounters more and more data and self-corrects on making mistakes to reduce the chance of repeating them in the future. ML is mostly used in systems that capture huge volumes of data. In marketing, this data is of your customers.

A successful marketing campaign’s mark is a great user experience. There’s a higher chance of prospects’ conversion when they can resonate with the content. It is what turns loyal customers into brand evangelists. And this is where AI can assist in improving customer experience.

Marketers can determine which form of content is most relevant for their target audience by analyzing AI-generated data. Factors such as historical data, past behavior, and location can recommend the most useful content for the users.

You can observe an instance of this capability in your online shopping experiences. Everyone knows how Amazon shares relevant products to buyers according to their views, purchases, and previous searchers. That is AI at work!  ... .' 

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