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Friday, June 11, 2021

Material Science Continues an Expansion

 Consider the value and complexity of multifunctional materials, and how much we are getting from understanding them in detail for design, manufacturing and delivery.  Ever new methods for delivering changes in chemistry,  physics, crystals and electronics.    


A Blueprint for Designing, Synthesizing Multifunctional Materials   By Penn Today, University of Pennsylvania

Nanocrystal combinations can yield new multifunctional materials through an inverse design blueprint.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and the University of Michigan developed the template by combining theory, computational simulations, chemical synthesis, and assembly.

UPenn's Katherine Elbert said the research intends to surmount the tendency for differently-sized and -shaped nanocrystals to cohere heterogeneously.

The researchers applied a library of laboratory-synthesized nanocrystals and simulations to refine the nanocrystal coating in order to induce ordered solids rather than heterogeneous aggregates.

By following specialized lab methods, the researchers formed a mixed and stable film from two distinct infrared active nanocrystals, highlighting the unexpected value of surface molecule modifications in triggering nanocrystal assemblies.

From Penn Today, University of Pennsylvania

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