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Thursday, June 10, 2021

AI of Autonomous Cars also Useful for Conventional Autos

As you might expect, for example automatic lane holding and parking capabilities are already well known.  My guess to is that such autonomous solutions will be useful in many places.  A good related piece: 

AI of Autonomous Cars Finding Its  Way into Conventional Cars, a Big Crossover   By Lance B. Eliot

 "   .... The thing is, a lot of the autonomous tech will also end up in human-driven cars too. This might seem surprising. Many assume that the tech devised to aid AI-based autonomous driving would solely be used by autonomous driving vehicles. But it turns out that there are numerous handy ways in which the tech derived for self-driving cars can be leveraged for human-driven vehicles.   

Not every piece of tech that goes into a self-driving car is necessarily going to find its way into a human-driven vehicle. Some contraptions will; some will not. The tech that gets crossed over into a human-driven car is bound to have other aspects included, recasting the tech and making it more readily accessible or usable by humans versus when the target “user” being an AI driving system (note that I’ve put the word “user” into quotes since I don’t want to suggest or imply that today’s AI is somehow human-like). 

The overarching question is this: Can the advanced tech devised for self-driving cars be leveraged for use in human-driven cars on a crossover or crisscrossing basis?   

Well, I’ve already tipped my hand and propounded my answer, which is a resounding yes, albeit the seemingly outsized affirmation is tempered with the strident precaution to mindfully undertake any such crossovers.    .... " 

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