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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Nanalyze on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Had forgotten about Nanalyze, worth a look: 

After I posted about it, they sent me this on Brain Computer interfaces:

Who we are We?     
We are a boutique media and research firm. Our research method involves sifting through large amounts of information in the public domain published by experts, then using our regular meetings and interviews with founders and industry participants to validate and boost our findings. ... 

This year we learned about a mind-blowing advance in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology for recording and interpreting neural signals. Founded by a wealthy and outsized personality, the West Coast startup has raised more than $100 million to advance the boundaries of neuroscience, augment human memory, and perhaps meld mind and machine in mind-bending ways. You know, modest goals like the rest of us. And, no, we’re not talking about painting lipstick on a pig in the way that Elon Musk is doing at Neuralink, a BCI startup that recently demonstrated its hardware hardwired into a poor little piggy. This story is about Kernel, a startup founded by Bryan Johnson that broke stealth mode (again) earlier this year with new mind-reading hardware powered by machine learning. It also unveiled its business model: Neuroscience as a Service (NaaS).

What is Brain-Computer Interface Technology?
Commercial BCI technology falls under the broader category of what’s become known as neurotech, which also includes applications like brain diagnostics and therapeutics, such as neuromodulation and electroceuticals. .... "   (More at the link above)

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