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Monday, September 07, 2020

Could a Tree Signal if A Corpse is Decaying?

 We worked with satellite and other kinds of imaging to determine the growth and health of forests, as we planned their harvest and replanting for CPG products.   So in theory as mentioned below,  this is possible,  but also depends on lots of other contextual metadata.    So intriguing, but hardly seems a way to broadly hunt for bodies.    Like to see the data in real environments.

Could a Tree SIgnal if a Corpse is Decaying?

By Matt Simon in Wired

SINCE 1980, THE University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropology Center has plumbed the depths of the most macabre of sciences: the decomposition of human bodies. Known colloquially as the Body Farm, here scientists examine how donated cadavers decay, like how the microbiomes inside us go haywire after death. That microbial activity leads to bloat, and—eventually—a body will puncture. Out flows a rank fluid of nutrients, especially nitrogen, for plants on the Body Farm to subsume.  ... " 

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