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Thursday, September 05, 2019

McCormick Uses AI to Test Spices

Been impressed with what McCormick has done in emerging tech spaces.

McCormick using AI to test recipes

McCormick has been using artificial intelligence to develop recipes that tap into its 40 years of data, said CEO Lawrence Kurzius. Algorithms choose ingredients based on a flavor profile, sort through 14,000 raw materials and eventually determine a profit margin, he explained. ... 

Hot Stuff: Lawrence Kurzius Spices Up McCormick's Business
 By Chloe Sorvino Forbes Staff

This story appears in the September 30, 2019 issue of Forbes Magazine.  

A hive of food scientists in white lab coats and protective goggles buzz quietly around McCormick & Co. CEO Lawrence Kurzius, filling test tubes and testing the contents with their noses. A garden of herbs grows on the wall behind them, accenting the room with fresh sprouts of mustard seed, amber peas, Brazilian parsley and other spices. The 6-foot-3 Alabama native is in his element, his slow southern drawl slipping through as assistants rattle off the lab’s features: a rotary evaporator that extracts flavor without heat; a centrifuge powerful enough to turn thick, pulpy condiments into totally clear and totally tasty liquids; a bank of eight induction burners.  .... " 

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