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Friday, September 27, 2019

Supporting Multiple Device Assistance

I have devices from at least 12 suppliers in my smart home lab.  The need is growing.  That these could easily work together and share information is very useful.

Multi-Device Digital Assistance
By Ryen W. White, Adam Fourney, Allen Herring, Paul N. Bennett, Nirupama Chandrasekaran, Robert Sim, Elnaz Nouri, Mark J. Encarnación   ( all authors are from Microsoft )

Communications of the ACM, October 2019, Vol. 62 No. 10, Pages 28-31   10.1145/3357159

The use of multiple digital devices to support people's daily activities has long been discussed.11 The majority of U.S. residents own multiple electronic devices, such as smart-phones, smart wearable devices, tablets, and desktop, or laptop computers. Multi-device experiences (MDXs) spanning multiple devices simultaneously are viable for many individuals. Each device has unique strengths in aspects such as display, compute, portability, sensing, communications, and input. Despite the potential to utilize the portfolio of devices at their disposal, people typically use just one device per task; meaning they may need to make compromises in the tasks they attempt or may underperform at the task at hand. It also means the support that digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana can offer is limited to what is possible on the current device. The rise of cloud services, coupled with increased ownership of multiple devices, creates opportunities for digital assistants to provide improved task completion guidance.  ... "

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This is a great idea and I have seen other writings regarding this. I do believe that they would have to add Siri to the list of digital assistants that should be allowed. We then would have a wonderful number of resources to use within all of our devices.