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Saturday, September 28, 2019

AI, Creativity and the Slime Mold

Quire an interesting piece out of Engadget, pointer to a new book I just received but have not read.  we got AI to show us possibilities, and even automatically evaluate them.   But never came up with a result out of the blue, what we could call creativity.

Hitting the Books: Teaching AI to sing slime mold serenades
Get ready for Mozart on a microchip.
By Andrew Tarantola, @terrortola in Engadget

Book:   The Artist in the Machine: The World of AI-Powered Creativity   by Arthur I. Miller  MIT Press 

Most of the time when we hear about AI, they're taking our jobs or putting us in jail or inflicting some other autonomic horror upon humans. But there's a second side to that AI coin. One in which machine learning algorithms show us skin suits the beauty of the natural form, even if it has been procedurally generated.

In this excerpt from The Artist in the Machine by Arthur I. Miller highlights the work of artist Eduardo Miranda. He's melded the minds of a slime mold and a CPU to create, well, music.

Eduardo Miranda and His Improvising Slime Mold   .... " 

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