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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Stronger Cryptowallet Proposed

Recent incidents have shown that the wallet can be a key area of insecurity.

Researchers Invent Cryptocurrency Wallet That Eliminates 'Entire Classes' of Vulnerabilities
ZDNet   by Charlie Osborne

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have created a new cryptocurrency wallet that eliminates entire classes of design vulnerabilities. MIT's Anish Athalye and colleagues developed Notary, a universal serial bus (USB) platform that the team said eradicates "entire classes of bugs that affect existing wallets," and could potentially augment transaction approval security. Notary employs reset-based switching, a strategy which resets the central processing unit, memory, and other hardware elements when users switch between apps. The goal is to remove the threat of vulnerability by ensuring apps are isolated from one another, providing greater protection should an individual app be hacked. Said Athalye, “Being able to build a secure hardware wallet would lead to better security for so many different kinds of applications."  ... " 

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