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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Verizon says 5G Will be Available Everywhere Mobile is

Not fully understanding this.  I assume your hardware will have to deal with it, and recent announcements by major players have not mentioned it.    Implications?

Verizon will launch home 5G everywhere mobile service is available in Engadget via Ars Technica

It could be ubiquitous... whenever 5G is actually available near you.

Verizon (Engadget's parent company) may be rolling out 5G at a pokey pace, but at least you won't have to choose which kind of 5G you get. Consumer division chief Ronan Dunne told investors that fixed 5G Home service will "in due course" be available in every market where mobile 5G is available. It's "one network," he said -- there's little stopping Verizon from offering both. The carrier is planning a "full" launch for Home late in 2019 using the official 5G standard, so the synchronicity might begin relatively quickly.   ... " 

More in ArsTechnica  (The ArsTechnica piece contains much more about the current test setups by city)

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