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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Hardening Encryption for Quantum Computing

Our own early look at QC aimed at very highly combinatorial problems, and some believe this will also provide methods to break encryption.     Now there are efforts underway to solve this problem.  I note all the claims made so far mention 'resistant' tn their strength, so it seems no general methods exist today.

Companies Explore Encryption That Withstands Quantum Computing
The Wall Street Journal
By Adam Janofsky

By Organizations that manage sensitive data are investigating techniques for safeguarding that data from quantum decryption. IBM recently announced a quantum-resistant tape drive. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is evaluating the tape drive's two quantum-resistant algorithms—along with 24 other candidates—with the goal of selecting two to six algorithms to be standardized for academia, corporations, and government by 2022. NIST's Dustin Moody is assessing algorithmic tolerance to traditional and quantum-computer-based hacks, operational speed, and support by small devices with low processing power. IBM's Vadim Lyubashevsky said, "Once NIST declares a standard, there will be a steady transition—big companies will transition their browsers, clouds, and storage to quantum-safe [algorithms]."  ... ' 

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