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Monday, September 16, 2019

Computing Power and a Quest for Intelligence

Interesting piece in MIT news today on their work with IBM and Google to receive a supercomputer,  and get Google Cloud Credits, and the implications of how these will be used in a 'Quest for Intelligence'.   Thoughtful points about particular examples of research and application by these interactions.    Worth a read to understand.

What a little more computing power can do
Commercial cloud service providers give artificial intelligence computing at MIT a boost.
By Kim Martineau | MIT Quest for Intelligence
September 16, 2019

Neural networks have given researchers a powerful tool for looking into the future and making predictions. But one drawback is their insatiable need for data and computing power ("compute") to process all that information. At MIT, demand for compute is estimated to be five times greater than what the Institute can offer. To help ease the crunch, industry has stepped in. An $11.6 million supercomputer recently donated by IBM comes online this fall, and in the past year, both IBM and Google have provided cloud credits to MIT Quest for Intelligence for distribution across campus. Four projects made possible by IBM and Google cloud donations are highlighted below.  ... "

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