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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

AI Ethics Multi Country Partnership

Note the mention of human-centered AI, which reading on seems to be about bias/fairness.    But its really also about how humans use/interact/are influenced by AI systems.  I would suggest this later aspect will become much more important.  Will be interesting to see how this evolves over time.  Note also the Individual vs Private sector vs Govt 'regulation' aspects.

Research Alliance Cements Split on AI Ethics
Inside Higher Ed
By David Matthews

Germany, France, and Japan have partnered to underwrite research into human-centered artificial intelligence (AI), designed to respect privacy and transparency. The three countries issued a joint call for proposals, supported by an initial 7.4-million-euro ($8.2-million) in funding. The German Research Foundation's Susanne Sangenstedt said the partnering nations have common beliefs and standards for ethical AI development, with the call for research proposals seeking projects on AI democratization, data integrity for fairness, AI ethics to avoid gender/age discrimination, and technologies like machine learning, computer vision, and data mining. Holger Hoos at Leiden University in the Netherlands said China has put AI development under the control of the government-state, while the U.S. has permitted the private sector to oversee development. In contrast, Europe's approach has been to try to strike a balance among "government, industry, and individual."

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