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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Improvements for Future Voice Assistants

Survey of future improvements that could be useful.  Not complete or specific to voice assistants.   But useful thoughts.

5 ways that future A.I. assistants will take voice tech to the next level   By Luke Dormehl in DigitalTrends

“Before Siri, when I talked about [what I do] there were blank stares,” Tom Hebner, head of innovation at Nuance Communications, which develops cutting edge A.I. voice technology, told Digital Trends. “People would say, ‘Do you build those horrible phone systems? I hate you.’ That was one group of people’s only interaction with voice technology.”

That’s no longer the case today. According to eMarketer forecasts, almost 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants by 2020. But while A.I. assistants are no longer a novelty, we’re still at the start of their evolution. There’s a long way to go before they fully live up to the promise that voice assistants have as a product category.

Here are five ways in which the technology could improve to make it smarter and more efficient — and help us lead more productive lives as a result. Call them “predictions” or a “wishlist,” these are the challenges that need to be solved.  .... " 

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