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Monday, September 30, 2019

Building More General, Trustable AI: Deeper Understanding?

I have just been thinking about the idea of what is called 'deep understanding'  here.  That is more generally applicable AI.    Agree that deep learning is impressive, but still very narrow  I don't agree that deep understanding, more general AI would make AI safer, could make it less transparent, prone to tricks and misuse, and dangerous.

Book:  Rebooting AI,  Building Artificial Intelligence we can Trust   By Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis  Reading ...

We can’t trust AI systems built on deep learning alone 
Gary Marcus, a leader in the field, discusses how we could achieve general intelligence—and why that might make machines safer.   by Karen Hao  in Technology Review 

Gary Marcus is not impressed by the hype around deep learning. While the NYU professor believes that the technique has played an important role in advancing AI, he also thinks the field’s current overemphasis on it may well lead to its demise.

Marcus, a neuroscientist by training who has spent his career at the forefront of AI research, cites both technical and ethical concerns. From a technical perspective, deep learning may be good at mimicking the perceptual tasks of the human brain, like image or speech recognition. But it falls short on other tasks, like understanding conversations or causal relationships. To create more capable and broadly intelligent machines, often referred to colloquially as artificial general intelligence, deep learning must be combined with other methods. ... "

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