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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Enhanced Packaging via Google Lens

Enhancing packaging with scans?  I thought this had been done already with QR codes, I still see it on packages.   Google lens can be found on IOS and Android.   You point it at a package, I assume anywhere on the package,  and you will be linked to their information.    We tested related watermarking ideas.  This also assumes you know about the linkage, probably from an ad.  But you could have done the same with a QR code. Difference appears to be that you don't have to find a QR to scan.

Uncle Ben's Adds Google Lens to Packaging      By Jacqueline Barba - 09/18/2019

Mars Inc.’s Uncle Ben’s has teamed with connected food platform Innit to launch an artificial intelligence-driven initiative that leverages the Google Lens visual search technology to connect digital information to physical products and unlock meal solutions.

The partnership makes Uncle Ben’s the first food brand to adopt Google Lens, an image recognition technology designed to let users access relevant information related to objects the device identifies using visual analysis and "search what they see," according to a media release from Innit.

In this case, Uncle Ben’s is using the technology to help consumers “cut through the clutter” of meal planning by instantly delivering recommendations, information and inspiration about physical products in stores and homes.

To activate, users open either the Google mobile app on iOS devices or the Google Lens app on Android devices, and point their device at Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice packages and retail displays. Innit will then instantly suggest meals that can be built around the product, along with ingredient lists, nutrition advice and step-by-step cooking videos.  .... "

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