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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

US Funds Three States for Car Research

I see Ohio is included, will look to see what it might take to be involved.  Or at least see where the results are to be published for review.

U.S. Gives 3 States Grants for Self-Driving Car Research
in CNet   By Sean Szymkowski

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia its first three Automated Driving Systems Demonstration Grants to research and develop autonomous vehicles. Michigan and Ohio will receive $7.5 million each, and Virginia will receive $15 million. Michigan's grant will be used for general testing and research of self-driving technology, and development of processes to assess autonomous vehicle safety. Smart-vehicle project accelerator DriveOhio said Ohio's grant will be used to fund automated driving projects for rural roads and highways, with deployment handled by the state's Transportation Research Center. Virginia's grant will be allocated to a study of autonomous vehicle communication/interaction in an ideal environment, and a study of self-driving systems for trucks.  .... " 

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