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Monday, September 30, 2019

Teams Fighting Burnout

Rarely seen this attempted, or effectively done.  Lip service.  In one on one cases, but not as a group.  Rewards?   And usually too late. 

Teams Fight Burnout Together  in the HBR
By Tony Schwartz, Rene Polizzi, Kelly Gruber, Emily Pines

Here’s a vexing paradox. On the one hand, companies are offering more wellness and well-being options than ever before, including mindfulness and yoga classes, nap rooms, and fitness facilities. On the other hand, employee burnout has risen to such a level that the World Health Organization now considers it a workplace hazard.

Most corporate well-being offerings are well-intended and potentially valuable. The problem is that without challenging the deeply embedded mindset that more, bigger, faster is always better, these offerings don’t get fully supported, nor are they widely and freely utilized.

Earlier this year, Ernst & Young (EY) and The Energy Project set out to test a hypothesis: If all members of a client-serving team rallied together to build more rest and renewal into their lives, they would feel better and they’d get more work accomplished in less time.   ... "

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