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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fashion AI by Alibaba

Examined the use of this kind of in store technology to engage. Personalization and privacy were key aspects.   But we also discovered that the environment of such interactions had to be carefully controlled.

Alibaba’s AI Fashion Consultant Helps Achieve Record-Setting Sales

AI will blur the line between online and offline retail.

by Yiting Sun in Technology Review

In the third floor of a shopping mall in the heart of Shanghai last week, Xiaolan He, a woman in her 50s, took an olive-green down jacket to a fitting room. To her surprise, she found a screen about the size of a large poster on the wall. It recognized the item of clothing in her hands through a tiny sensor embedded in the garment, and showed several options for matching items that she could flip through like a photo album. The screen, and the system that powers it, make up FashionAI—which essentially became He’s personal stylist.   .... "

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