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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Resume Assistant for Linkedin

Always thought there was good opportunity here.  More still exists by linking capabilities to needs, and in meetings to tasks to be done.   And how about linking to dialog in email streams?

"Resume Assistant” uses LinkedIn’s data to make Word a better résumé builder
One of the first fruits of the LinkedIn purchase should make an unpopular task easier.  By Peter Bright

 Writing and updating your résumé is a task that few of us enjoy. Microsoft is hoping to make it a little less painful with a new feature coming to Word called Resume Assistant.

Resume Assistant will detect that you're writing a résumé and offer insights and suggestions culled from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a vast repository of both résumés and job openings and lets you see how other people describe their skillsets and which skills employers are looking for.

The feature will also show job openings that are suitable for your résumé directly within Word, putting résumé writers directly in contact with recruiters.

Matching up job applicants with recruiters is LinkedIn's biggest revenue generator, and integrating Word into this business was one of the immediate priorities that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described when explaining the purchase. In addition to bolstering that recruiting business, the integration is monetized more directly, too, as Resume Assistant has some connections to paid services. Specifically, it can promote online training through LinkedIn Learning to help shore up any gaps. If you want more help than the automated suggestions can offer, LinkedIn can connect you to professional résumé writing services through its freelance marketplace. ..... " 

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