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Sunday, November 26, 2017

IBM and the Cognitive Enterprise

I can make a number of observations here as well ...... Need more links between their AI/cognitive and specific business process.   They have all the pieces for it, but are still playing up the AI aspects too much in their marketing.

IBM turns spotlight on own failures in developing a cognitive enterprise platform

 By Mark Albertson in SiliconAngle

Companies don’t generally like to admit mistakes or project failures, so it’s unusual when a firm the size of IBM Corp. confesses its shortcomings. Yet, that’s exactly what a company with a current market capitalization of $143 billion is doing as it unveils its Cognitive Enterprise Blueprint.

The goal is to provide customers with a better understanding of how IBM is approaching its transformation to becoming a fully cognitive enterprise. “We’re trying to understand how to transition from an old world of going after pure efficiency just by getting after economies of scale and process standardization, to really now driving efficiency to enable you to get competitive advantage,” said James Kavanaugh (pictured, right), senior vice president of transformation and operations at IBM. “That has been the essence of what we’ve been trying to do at IBM to really reinvent our company from the core.” .... ' 

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