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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dolby Labs Sensing Biometrics

Not a new thing, we worked with several startups in this domain, still being implemented as 'Neuromarketing' in consumer in context measurement.   With lots of variability in how it is being done, from simply measuring galvanic skin response, to full FMRI scans.  Have seen and experimented with the data from both.  Both for marketing focus and for reaction to product in ad or shelf context.  See tags below.  First I had heard of Dolby in this space.

Next Level: Inside Dolby's Experiment to Watch People While they are Watching Movies
Measuring emotional responses could be the next big thing in entertainment   by Lauren Goode in TheVerge.

" .. Led by neurophysiologist and Dolby chief scientist Poppy Crum, the company has been attaching biosensors to willing subjects and plopping them down on a couch to settle in for an entertainment session. Using EEG caps, heart rate monitors, galvanic skin response sensors, and thermal imaging Flir cameras, the scientists can observe the biophysical and emotional responses that humans are experiencing via media. They’re trying to figure out what kind of videos and sounds make people’s hearts race, what makes their skin flush, and what makes them cognitively engaged, aroused, or maybe even... bored. ... " 

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