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Friday, November 10, 2017

Google Maps Show Checkout Line Length

Adding line lengths to maps of stores.  Saw a similar approach done at a Kroger, but just for their store.  The data will be crowd sourced, which can lead to incorrect numbers.   With expert discussion:

Has Google solved the problem of long lines at grocery checkouts?   by Matthew Stern

Grocers have tried plenty of tech solutions over the years to shorten the time customers spend in line. But the latest wait-shortening technology is coming not from an individual grocer, but Google’s crowdsourced data.

Google Maps is implementing functionality that uses anonymous crowdsourced location data to let users see estimated wait times at grocery stores, according to Thrillist. Google will roll the technology out before Thanksgiving. The tool for determining the wait at grocery stores is the second of two data-driven crowd size-gauging tools. The first, which launched Tuesday, allows users to determine what the average wait time will be for a table at a given restaurant.

Grocer strategies for limiting customer frustration with lines have taken many forms. Some have tried distraction, installing digital signage to make the time in line pass more quickly. Others, like Hy-Vee, have tried data-driven “traffic lights” that gauge the business of each line and signal each customer to the fastest checkout.  ... " 

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