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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Asking Efficient Questions in Conversations

The phrase 'asking efficient questions' struck me in this piece.  Is all conversation linked to this concept in some way?  And does this example of a simple game show how a chatbot can be designed  to reach a goal?     We thought of this in some our own chatbot experiments, but not this carefully.  Thoughtful example.

This Inquisitive AI Will Kick Your Butt at Battleship     By Technology Review 

Researchers at New York University have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that can skillfully play a Battleship-like game by determining how to ask questions as efficiently as possible.

The AI perceives questions as miniature programs, which enables it to learn from only a few examples and to formulate its own questions on the basis of the knowledge it gains.  .... " 

Supporting technical paper. 

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