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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More on Wal-Marts Bossa Nova Bots among the Shelves

One of my favorite topics.  How will robots be effectively used in real life environments, contexts?  Note 3D imaging.   And how do you get a count of what is behind?  More at the Bossa Nova Tag.

Walmart Deploys Robots to More Stores
By Patrycja Malinowska - 11/14/2017  in CGT 

Originally published by Path to Purchase Institute .... 

A small test of shelf-scanning robots has gone well enough that Walmart is adding upgraded units to 50 additional stores.

The fully autonomous bots employ 3D imaging to dodge obstacles while roving the aisles to check for stock levels, pricing and misplaced items. The robots pass their shelf data to store employees, who then stock the shelves and fix any errors.

Walmart is hoping applying artificial intelligence and robotics will help it combat stock issues, replenish inventory faster and broaden the assortment available to online shoppers while freeing up employees for other tasks.

The machines are from San Francisco-based Bossa Nova Robotics, stand approximately two feet tall and are equipped with a tower fitted with cameras. They are 50% more productive and can scan shelves significantly more accurately than their human counterparts, Jeremy King, chief technology officer for Walmart U.S. and e-commerce, told Reuters.  .... " 

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