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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Google and Conversational Apps

Am a long time developer and proponent of intelligent and conversation enabled interactions.

Google supporting Voice and Dialog Based Interactions

Introducing Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a new way to build voice and text conversational apps
   By Dan Aharon, Product Manager for Cloud AI

From chatbots to IoT devices, conversational apps provide a richer and more natural experience for users. Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) was created for exactly that purpose — to help developers build interfaces that offer engaging, personal interactions.

We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of developers use Dialogflow to create conversational apps for customer service, commerce, productivity, IoT devices and more. Developers have consistently asked us to add enterprise capabilities, which is why today we’re announcing the beta release of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition. The enterprise edition expands on all the benefits of Dialogflow, offering greater flexibility and support to meet the needs of large-scale businesses. In addition, we're also announcing speech integration within Dialogflow, enabling developers to build rich voice-based applications.  
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Also see more about Dialogflow.

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