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Monday, November 20, 2017

Streaming Algorithms for Customers

For a project have been looking at how streaming recommendations act as marketing for products.  The big example out there are cases where there there is lots of content, not clearly differentiated.  Music is one example.   Even an example where you can create content (embedded product development) that fits the need.   And understanding the measures involved.    Here an example.

SoundCloud Shows How its Algorithms Influence Music Streams
Like Apple and Spotify, the streaming service is touting its influential recommendations.  By Saqib Shah, @eightiethmnt  In Engadget.

SoundCloud wants the world (and, more importantly, record labels) to know that it can break artists too. And, who can blame it. It must sting when Apple Music declares that it helped Post Malone (who went viral on SoundCloud before invading the Billboard Hot 100) become a streaming record-breaker. And, when Spotify's Rap Caviar playlist (stocked with SoundCloud upstarts, like Lil' Uzi Vert and Lil' Pump) is hailed as a hit-maker. Its solution? A new stat that reveals the power of its algorithm in helping creators nab more plays. The update follows the insights SoundCloud added to its SoundCloud Pulse app and the web, including playlist streams and top listeners, cities and countries. .... " 

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