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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Google Looking to Catch up with Assistants

Beyond this, I am am still seeing less support for generalized skill development on Google Home. Quality of useful Actions will be important.

Google Offers 7,000 Developers Free Home Devices in Pursuit of Amazon Alexa

Here is Google's vision for the future of computing: As you drive home from work, you tell your car, "Ok, Google," triggering the company's Assistant. You order food, the digital helper handles the transaction and makes sure it's ready when you arrive.

Right now, Amazon and its Alexa digital assistant are closer to realizing that goal, having cut a deal this year with Ford Motor Co. to let drivers search, shop and control other devices by voice from their vehicles.

That's just one of the ways Amazon is outpacing Google in the race to weave a digital assistant into consumers' lives. What's more, Amazon has a leading e-commerce business well suited to this emerging world, with a massive delivery network to speed orders to shoppers -- an area where Google has struggled. Amazon's Echo connected speakers, launched in 2014, have given Alexa an early lead by reaching millions of users at home, while Google's rival Home device only came out late last year. ... " 

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