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Friday, July 07, 2017

Driverless AI

The term was new to me, but not the concept.   Makes sense,  if it is really AI then it should manage itself.  Easier/cheaper than having room fulls of scientists building systems.   But here also aspects like testing, maintaining and connecting to corporate systems creates most of the difficulty.   How close is this?

H2O.ai’s Driverless AI automates machine learning for businesses
 Driverless AI is the latest product from H2O.ai aimed at lowering the barrier to making data science work in a corporate context. The tool assists non-technical employees with preparing data, calibrating parameters and determining the optimal algorithms for tackling specific ...   In Techcrunch.

(Update):And further, in Datanami:
H2O.ai Boasts New AI Product Like ‘Kaggle Grandmaster in a Box’  by Alex Woodie

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