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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amazon Launches 'Echo Squad' Help for Alexa Installs and Beyond

Had only a minor problem installing Alexa,  Had somewhat more trouble with Google Home, which could have stymied a non tech user.  In both cases dial-in help was helpful.  Though depending on the 'smarthome 'architecture', there might be some complete show stoppers.   The typical user will need help to install.

Will Amazon’s answer to the ‘Geek Squad’ help put Alexa in more homes?
by Matthew Stern in Retailwire.

There’s a learning curve for setting up, troubleshooting and using voice assistant technologies like Alexa. Amazon.com is now addressing that with a new in-home installation and repair service that’s reminiscent of the Best Buy Geek Squad.

Amazon has been hiring skilled professionals over the past few months to install and repair in-home gadgets, according to Recode. The company sees offering professional smart home setup as a way to reduce the number of returns of Alexa-enabled devices. The service, which is already live in seven markets, comes directly from Amazon and is not related to the website’s marketplace for third-party services.

The section of Amazon’s website that describes the service gives users an opportunity to book a “smart home consultation for Alexa” and set up an in-home visit from an expert. It states that experts will install and customize the smart home setup complete with configuring settings and connecting devices to Alexa. The expert will also train users on how to control wired devices via Alexa and give the customer the opportunity to test new wired devices in-home.   ....  " 

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