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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Human in the Loop Planning

Attended excellent CSig talk today by Subbarao Kambhampati and Kartik Talamadupula of ASU and  IBM Watson on Human-in-the-Loop Planning and Decision Support.

Human in the Loop Planning (HILP) is a classic example of studying how people interact with smart systems.  These systems are getting much smarter, but how they interact and cooperate with people is still a problem. You can say that any advisory system has components of planning systems.   In the enterprise we looked at many such systems, and delivered a few.  Yet there are many 'challenges' that still exist in making such systems work, still not resolved after decades of work.

   The slides from the talk give an excellent overview of work still underway.   Recording replay.  Also, they point to their much more detailed tutorial on the subject.    An interesting aspect, an idea we never addressed directly,  they call:  "Planning for Crowdsourcing".  Since we were involved with marketing problems, which dealt with consumer group activities, this could have been of much use to us.

If you have any interest in applied AI for commercial use, this is an area to follow.

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