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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Schank's XTOL Experiential Learning

A mention of Roger Schank, AI pioneer, founder of the 'AI Boom' company Cognitive Systems, who I recall was critical of our AI work in the 80s.  His work in AI scripting was fundamental. He later did research for Andersen Consulting. Recently became a co founder of XTOL.  " ... Our proven approach provides you with critical technology and business skills. You’ll gain authentic experience at a realistic pace conducive to learning at an affordable price. The Professional Development Center at the University of Texas at Austin has partnered with Experiential Teaching Online (XTOL) — to offer four skills-based technology career programs. In response to the growing demand for highly skilled technical employees in Texas and beyond, these certificate programs offer a real-world, collaboration-driven, skills-based learning experience focused on software technology and data analytics. .. "  

He writes about his latest work in AI, which takes scripts on to expert Storytelling:  " ... I spent 25 years working in Artificial Intelligence. My new goal is not to build intelligent machines, but rather to build an intelligently organized and indexed knowledge base that is easily accessible and gets smarter over time. The current manifestation of this goal is called EXTRA (Experts Telling Relevant Advice). EXTRA is a knowledge management system that stores and retrieves digitally recorded stories. EXTRA has one intention -- and that is to get a story to a user that will help him or her make a decision just at the time that they are about to make a decision. We use storytelling as the vehicle to impart knowledge. You can read more about EXTRA and see a demo here.   ... " 

Further:  Roger Schank's home page.  Recent interview: The Art of Learning.

A thread ongoing in Linkedin, which talks about this connected to Knowledge Graphs, AI and cognitive systems.

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